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IQONIC Planning Process

IQONIC Planning Process

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Step 1: Discovery

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Step 2: Collaborative Results

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Step 3: Assurance

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Step 4: Strategic Activation

Step 1: Discovery

  1. We spend time with you uncovering what you want your life to look like now and in the future.
  2. Along with what you want, we understand what you’re doing now to achieve your goals.

Step 2: Planning and Solutions

  1. Our dedicated planning team constructs a financial roadmap for you and your family.
  2. Your financial plan tells us how we can achieve the financial security you desire.
  3. Along with the financial plan, we co-author a generational family plan that allows you and your family to enjoy the success together.

Step 3: Implementation

  1. Our access to Northwestern Mutual’s insurance and investments solutions means your plan is backed by one of the strongest, highest-rated companies in the marketplace.
  2. Our in-house onboarding team ensures your plan is put in place with timeliness and accuracy.
  3. Exclusive access to the Northwestern Mutual client website at the NM app means your plan is never more than a click away.

Step 4: Review and Update

  1. A personalized financial plan review schedule ensures our conversation is ongoing and your plan stays on track.
  2. Clear communication and consistent contact is paramount in making sure that as your life evolves, so does your plan.